Many ways are tried by people to deal with obesity, but knowing the causes of childhood obesity is the important thing they should know firstly over other things. Currently, people simply assume overeating as the only cause of child obesity. As the matter of fact, there are sedentary lifestyle and general physical inactivity as the other causes. Therefore, obesity can be easily got whenever the excessive calories consumption is not followed by regular exercise. And now, let’s learn more about it.

Diet. The American diet is becoming more and more tainted every year. In our society, faster is better. We no longer have the time to sit down and have meals together. Instead, we replace those meals with quick alternatives such as TV dinners and snacks. Unfortunately, quick meals are high in fat and high in calories. Combined with the lack of exercise, these meals pack on the pounds.

Chronic inactivity leads to unused energy being stored as fat. It is amazing and awesome that we are now in a technologically driven world; it makes life so much easier. Unfortunately, some technological advances have contributed to child obesity. Children spend too much time in front of the computer, TV and playing video games instead of getting out into the fresh air and playing ball, swimming or biking.

Encourage physical activity at home and throughout your neighborhood. Let other families in your neighborhood know that for example, on Fridays after school the kids are going to play baseball at the park. Make sure every kid in the neighborhood is invited. Set some rules in your own home. Tell your children that if they don’t spend at least an hour outside riding their bike, or playing a sport or some other physical activity they can not watch their favorite television show or play their favorite video game.

Lack of regular exercise is a factor that has contributed to this being one of the causes of childhood obesity. Children who spend a lot of time watching TV programs will have a greater risk of child obesity than those who go outside playing or sporting. This is typically true when the children are eating fast food while watching television or playing video games.

Technology addiction – instead of playing basketball or baseball in the playgrounds, kids nowadays prefer watching high definition television or playing basketball or baseball on video games. Too much TV and video games is not healthy. The only part of their body that is getting stronger from doing all of these are their thumbs, from pressing the TV remote and game pads too often. Granted there are now games that actually require physical activity, but these are not always the games that children choose to play on a regular basis.

Some physical conditions and disorders may cause hormonal imbalances which may lead to obesity. Side effects to medications and some other medical cases may increase the risk of obesity.

Knowing all these will help parents bring up their kids far from the corridors of obesity. However, if your kid or children are already suffering from the discomfort of obesity, you can get some help from a medical doctor and the right weight loss strategy.