I once called up my friend but her mom picked up the phone. I had a bad cold so my voice was very shaky and heavy and i sounded like a boy. So she thought I was a boy and asked my name. I thought she doesn’t know who I am so why not have some fun with her. Anyway I told her that my name is ‘Raj’ and I wanna talk to your daughter. She said she isn’t here and asked what did i want from her. I told her that she was supposed to meet me this evening with her friends and i wanted to tell her that I need more money and I will be late so we need to change the time for our meeting. She couldn’t understand anything i was saying so she asked me to repeat what i had said so i told her again about the meeting. She asked what did she need from me and what was the money for. I told her it was for the stuff she asked me to get for her daughter. She got pretty upset after that asked me for more details so i made up stuff like medicines and clothes and tickets and stuff. She told me that her daughter will not meet me and I should stop calling her and she hang up. It was pretty funny how she shouted at me. Next morning when i meet her my friend started kicking me and saying all kinda words. Her mother had scolded her and asked her where she was going or who she was running away with and her mom had thought of everything she might do wrong. That was the best prank I had done on my friends.